Samsung Galaxy S10 is launched on the anniversary of Samsung and its S series. It has what is called Infinity-O display having a punch hole for the selfie shooter. It has three rear cameras and an in screen fingerprint sensor. The Galaxy S10 is still a powerful and great looking phone even after the launch of its successor Galaxy S20. If you don’t want the latest and greatest or you have strict budget you can grab on of these and still be competitive with 2020 phones.


There is powerful new chipset, it can either be Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 (depends on where you live) with 8GB of RAM. The storage option is either 128GB or 512GB, also you have SD Card support. A beautiful AMOLED display of 6.1 inches with QHD+ and FHD+ resolutions. It has triple camera lens with 12MP regular lens, 12MP optically zoomed telephoto lens and this time a brand new 16MP ultra wide lens.

Another improvement is it’s battery. The battery is bumped up to 3,400mAh which is a significant increase from 3,000mAh of its predecessor.


Samsung have one of the best displays in smartphone world and Galaxy S10 is no exception. It has the one of the most color accurate smartphone display ever with 6.1 inches 19:9 Super AMOLED. It has HDR10+ support for better contrast and color.

The overall brightness of the display is amped up to get the better visibility outdoors. It has option of QHD+ and FHD+ resolution. By default it comes with FHD+ but that can be change in settings. QHD+ gives us 550ppi which is more than FHD+ but there is no noticeable difference and also it saves your battery.This time around there is no notch instead you get brand new Infinity-O display which makes this phone stand out. You get laser-cut hole in the top right corner of the screen for the selfie shooter.

Is it as distracting as a notch? We’ll say from our experience that it is less distracting as it sits comfortably in the corner. With absence of notch it give 93.1% screen to body ratio which makes it comfortable to use 6.1inch display.

It is marginally taller and wider than Galaxy S9 but noticeably thinner and lighter. There are tiny bezels on top and bottom of the phone which are slightly noticeable.


The design of Galaxy S10 is not what makes you over surprised, the device is with two pieces of glass sandwiching an aluminum frame. Also has the edge display with curves on left and right which means accidentally presses along the edges of the display.

The phone looks very premium and expensive with its aluminum and glass body.

The color variations are Flamingo Pink, Prism Black, Prism Blue, Prism White, Canary Yellow and Prism Green. Colors will vary by the region.

We get a clean back look with a tiny camera bump. Wireless PowerShare feature works quite good in charging other devices but it won’t work if your Galaxy S10 is below 30% of charge.

As the body is made up of glass and aluminum if doesn’t provide as much grip so to avoid accidents a simple silicon case would be enough.

Fingerprint sensor is invisible. Yes you got me right its invisible means it’s in display sensor. Samsung use ultrasonic fingerprint sensor not an optical sensor means you can use it even if your hands wet or cold.


It has triple camera lens with 12MP regular lens, 12MP optically zoomed telephoto lens and this time a brand new 16MP ultra wide lens.

The Galaxy S10 camera takes excellent photos, even in mixed and low light conditions.

The main S10 camera exhibit punchy, Instagram-ready colors and looks better than the muted photos out of an iPhone in most cases. It’s one of the best camera phones out now. However, its HDR prowess can, at times, blow out bright backgrounds,

during daytime shots. And lowlight, while good enough, does have serious noise reduction to reduce grain.That only leads to a lot of skin smoothing, as if you put on beauty mode when you didn’t.  

On the front we have single selfie shooter of 10MP. Samsung’s S10 single front-facing camera relied heavily on software to blur the edges around our hair. The S10 Plus dual-selfie cam did better.

On the video side, the software has been upgraded to record offer Digital Video Stabilization. Samsung says that this is meant to make all of your Ultra HD video as smooth as an action cam.

There’s also HDR10+ video recording, which is significant because last year’s S9 didn’t offer HDR recording at all (when other phones from Sony had this feature). It pulls in a wider amount of contrast, though the HEVC (smaller files) codec turns off when you enable Samsung’s lab-labeled HDR10+ feature in the settings. It worked well for us, but expect higher file sizes and maybe a few hiccups, as it appears to be experimental.




Galaxy S10 is a huge upgrade from previous year’s Galaxy S9. You get top of the line Snapdragon or Exynos chipset depending on where you live.  You get Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 which is pretty fast. The benchmarked came back with a record-breaking multi-score speed… for Android. The iPhone XS is still a bit faster, but Samsung is very close at 10,318 to Apple’s 11,610. This is the first time we can say this. The gap is usually a lot wider. It comes with 8GB of RAM which is huge upgrade over last year’s 4GB of Galaxy S9.

You have storage option of 128GB and 512GB, no 64GB this time with SD card support. It comes with android 9 out of the box with it’s own One UI which is quite sleek and attractive in my opinion. As you know Samsung is a bit slow in its software releases so you might have to wait for Android 10.


Galaxy S10 comes with battery of 3,400mAh which is also an upgrade over 3,000mAh of Galaxy S9. But still it gives you same “all-day” as Samsung quote battery as Galaxy S9 because it has bigger display which means it’ll consume more battery. Sometimes you get 20% of the battery remaining at the end of the day.

The Galaxy S10 supports wireless charging, like the previous generation, but Samsung has added a new feature here too. It’s called Wireless PowerShare and allows you to use the Galaxy S10 as a wireless charging mat for your other wirelessly charging devices.

It comes with fast charging of 15W.


High screen to body ratio
In-display fingerprint sensor
Wireless PowerShare Feature 


Camera is great but not the best

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